Her Journey


Born in Frederica, Delaware in the 80’s, Devika Carr has moved around a few times since graduating high school trying to find a place that connects her with sunshine over sadness.  After completing her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 2006, Devika moved to South Florida where she found all the sunlight she required.  Since becoming a Florida resident in 2009, she obtained higher degrees sufficient to allow her membership to the Florida Bar as a licensed attorney.  But that’s not the pinnacle of her self-perceived success.  Rather, she defines success as finding inspiration to creatively pursue her passion projects through uncomfortable thinking and rare actions.  Whether it’s doing things most people dream about but never jump out the airplane to do, like quitting the job you hate without more than a few weeks worth of bill-paying funds in the bank, or doing things some people don’t even dream of, like focusing on community outreach before caring about profits.

Starting her own businesses while raising 4 children has been a challenge, but nothing a matured whiskey neat and an ocean breeze hasn’t cured.  She finds balance by running all her wizardly thoughts through her best friend, (her husband), but it’s the off-scale, faith driven outcomes that really motivate her to stay inspired.  There is no amount of information she shares that she didn’t learn from someone else or that she didn’t learn through the expressed experience of another.  But that doesn’t devalue it.  In fact, something borrowed usually transforms into a new purpose for someone else.  And here she is, sharing it with you in a way you have probably never received.  And if you have, there will be no apology for wasted time.  Because it’s a lot like watching your favorite movie more than once or reading the same book twice.

Devika appeared as a speaker at an independently organized TED event called TEDxNSU: The little Things, on March 17, 2018 in front of an audience of over 240 people.  She embraced the opportunity to spread her idea about Seeking Inspiration, Not Happiness and the message was received with tears of gratitude and artful appreciation.  She believes her message should have a farther reach to impact more lives and she’s on a mission to get it there.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check out her portfolio to experience some of her genuine ideals which are only meant for real people seeking ground breaking success through honest reflections and a few lines of randomness without justification.  Let’s fly together by the seat of our pants, let’s just see where we end up together.


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